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Over 30 Years
of Novosystems.The system solutions specialist.

Industrial production of inorganic pigments began in 19th Century. Today, the production quantity of inorganic pigments exceeds 4 million tons per annum, covering the entire color spectrum. Novosystems pays particular attention to individual system solutions, tailored to customer requirements. Novosystems offers everything from fully custom colors, the Novotone system colors for the Pantone color range right up to monopigmented systems for professional color matching. With this strong focus on colors, we are a competitive alternative to masterbatch.

More than 30 years of know-how and expertise gained for the manufacture of colorants in the plastics industry has made Novosystems the specialist for liquid color system solutions it is today. Our products are often deployed where previously problems with masterbatch were experienced by innovative companies interested in self-coloring. Novosystems has earned a reputation as a reliable systems provider and delights its customers with very capable self-coloring systems. These customers easily create their own color recipes using the Novocolor software and database in just the same way as we do in our factory. It’s a method that is very effective and has gained widespread acceptance in the industry.

Novosystems international

In order to provide our customers with a comprehensive service, please contact our representatives in …

Denmark for Scandinavia
Switzerland for Southern Europe
England for the U.K. and Ireland
Poland for Eastern Europe
Australia for the Asian market
Changshu and 40 further locations for the
Chinese market.

In the above markets, our liquid colors are used by companies from the electrical, cosmetics, automotive, construction, toy, music, food, furniture and packaging industries. Today, liquid colors are already being used in all areas of plastics manufacturing.

Novocolor concentrated colors are made by using additive manufacturing methods and pigment formulations in combination with polymer based binding agents, resulting in a significant facilitation of the coloration process. Optimum pigment dispersion and wetting of pigment particles ensure good dispersion and flocculation stability of our color concentrates.