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Show Your Colors.Novotone - More Coloring Flexibility

The Novotone coloring system is a fl exible and cost-eff ective way for manufacturers of plastic products to quickly create a very wide range of colors from just a small number of main colors. New colors can be easily mixed or small batches made as required. A special color fan provides recipes using just 15 main colors. Manufacturers can create their own colors with the Novotone system by mixing the individual components to produce highly accurate color tones from existing industry standard color guides. With just 15 colors, Novotone can cover industry standard color fan ranges.

Tailor-mix your own colors.

irst, the plastics manufacturer selects the desired color from a color guide. For example, a color like Pantone 2583 (purple) can be accurately reproduced using the Novotone recipe and basic colors.

Freely-available color guide systems such as Pantone, RAL or HKS can be used to select and check colors. Once a color has been selected, it is mixed using a Novotone recipe using the 15 basic color system. The amount of color to be made depends on the dosing and batch requirements of the manufacturing process. The individual amounts of basic colors used greatly depend on the desired color tone.

For example, a range of colors that mainly comprises bright reds, oranges and yellows will naturally require a greater amount of these colors in the recipe, which shall result in a higher material cost for this recipe. In comparison, the demand for white color tone with approx. 50% - 80% total amount for a color range of browns, grays, whites and pastel shades is relatively high, leading to signifi cantly cheaper color recipes.

A system for mixing and dosing.

For cost-effective color mixing and dosing, Novosystems can provide solutions for specific batch sizes. Highly accurate weighing scales for both the smallest amounts as well as for normal operations are available. An automatic dosing system can be used for gravimetrically controlled and logged dosing of small amounts, up to approx. 10t per annum and tailored to production requirements. Naturally, Novosystems can also provide dosing equipment for much higher volumes. Additionally, biaxial rotational mixing machines in different capacities are an excellent way to homogenize the individual ingredients of a color recipe. Different solutions are available for dosing requirements on the production line, depending on whether liquid colors or micro-granulate are used. For liquid colors, there are a number of dosing solutions available.

Novosystems offers a 15x1kg starter kit for mixing own colors on site. This is purpose-made for injection-molding applications.

This way, small amounts of colors can be very quickly and accurately created, based on color guide systems for low production runs or samples. Novosystems provides customers with color recipes for mixing colors free of charge. Color results created with these recipes are a very close match of approx. 1 dE to the desired color tones. This process is thus ideal for new product and color samples. If existing colors are to be substituted and deviations in color tone further reduced, color measuring equipment such as spectral photometers can be used in conjunction with special color recipe software. The Novotone system can be extended to cover all professional color matching applications.

Color mixing:
Novotone from Novosystems is a coloration system with some 1,300 colors, with defined color recipes for color mixing. To cover the complete ranges of industry standard color guides such as HKS, RAL or Pantone, the user only requires 15 basic colors, called the Novotone Main Colors to exactly match nearly every color. With just a few basic colors and defined, reproducible recipes, any color can be created in a very short space of time – either through self-coloration or pre-mixed colors available from Novosystems.