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A Solid Advantage.Novopearls- microbatch-micropearls for coloring thermoplastics.

Characteristics and benefits:
01. Microgranulat approx. Ø0.45mm
Optimal homogenization,
Perfect colors
02. Low dosing amounts
Color batch cost savings
03. Rapid color changes
Save up to 90% in time and costs
04. Self-cleaning properties
Save on cleaning products
05. Rapid homogenization
Flexibility through application
of mono-colors
06. Use of mono-colors
Own in-house coloring possible

The next step.

Novopearl-micro-granulate is a solid material with the characteristics of liquid colors. High concentrations of pigmentation, different colored Novopearls can be mixed together, they are dust-free and free-flowing. Melting-point is around 85°C. As a result, the microbatch melts faster at the screw than the plastic and guarantees fast, streak-free dispersion of the color - just like using liquid colors.

A New Product from Novosystems. Microgranulate color with the characteristics of Novocolor liquid colors.

Form: Spherical microgranulate with an average diameter of 450μm.

Application: The carrier material consists of a fatty acid ester which is highly compatible with many types of plastics.

Application characteristics.

The small size of the granulate ensures accurate dosing. Optimal dispersion pigments make low-cost coloring possible. Very low dosing concentrations of Novopearls - as little as 0.1 – 0.9% can be realized.

The possibilities.

Ready-to-use color batches are available or mix your own special colors from 15-24 Novotone main colors. You can even develop your own color recipes! With a short introduction and the right “feel” for colors, you can independently create your own color shades - completely new level of flexibility for you and your customers! The coloring system, tailored to your needs and includes a complete range of Pantone color recipes.