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Greener, Faster
Cleaning.Novoclean– An Incredibly Effective Cleaning Agent.

Test Novoclean yourself...

ou can test Novoclean power gel in your company simply by adding it manually to the feed hopper. The cleaning process is completed as soon as the material becomes transparent or color streaking is no longer visible in the newly injection- molded parts. Order your tester today and try it yourself!

Clear advantages:
01. Saves costs – reduces polymer consumption
02. Lowers cleaning time by 50% - 90%
03. Can be used with almost all plastics
04. Easy to use
05. Economical in use
06. No abrasive effects
07. Food safe
08. Improves the flow properties of polymers

What is Novoclean?

It’s an incredibly effective cleaning agent for masterbatch plastic manufacturing processes which thoroughly removes all color residues and other impurities, simply and quickly.

Perfect for screws, cylinders, jets, hot runner systems and tools in real-time operation. The cleaning process actually takes place in the machine. Add the power gel fully automatically to your manufacturing materials using our dosing equipment. Just add between 0.5 and 1% of this highly effective cleaning material depending on your requirements, prior to the end of production until the color change or the cleaning process is completed. The advantages: reduce your operating down-times by up to 90%, have almost no waste and your polymer consumption is also reduced because you dissolve all impurities during the cleaning process and thus become much faster. And that’s not all: biodegradability and food safety are further benefits to increase your competitiveness with Novoclean.