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Coloring Convenience.Novocolor– Liquid Colors.

Develop your own colors with over 15 - 20 main colors to choose from. After receiving a short introduction and having gained a feel for color mixing, you will be able to create colors yourself in no time at all. No matter what colors you use for whatever plastics, the Novocolor coloration system is a multi-talented system offering you and your clients totally new possibilities in plastics coloration.

The coloration system is tailored to your needs and comprises a spectrophotometer with color recipe software complete with an integrated color database and individual coloration materials.

You too can carry out your own coloring – we’ll show you how!

Beautiful Colors. Novocolor liquid colors from Novosystems make beautiful colors possible with best color quality and best price guarantee. The liquid carrier is oil and solvent free, heat resistant to a temperature of up to 350°C, compatible with almost all plastics as well as being an ideal and flexible additive for your applications. Novocolor is a liquid and quickly forms a homogenous mixture with granulates.

The color components no longer need to melt during screw rotation. Thus, a much higher and more consistent dispersion in the screw chamber can be gained than with masterbatch or color powders. Optimal dispersion and a high concentration of color ensures effective and cost-saving operations for coloring plastic products. In general, usual dosages are between 0.5 and 0.9%.

Properties and advantages:
01. Liquid
Optimal homogeneity,
Perfect colors.
02. Low dosing levels
Cut costs with color batches
03. Quick color changes
Saves time and money
04. Cleaning effects
Savings in cleaning products
05. Novocolor – just clean with water
One wipe and you’re done!
06. Coloring solutions
Easy to set up and low investment costs
07. Can be used with almost all plastics
Minimum storage requirements for colors
08. Basic colors
Own in-house coloring -
special in-house color box

Your complete kit for coloring and dosing.

Control dosing easily with a modern dosing system. We can supply you with a coloring solution comprising a closed container, a dosing pump and a wide range of dosing and feed systems. These systems need very little time to set up: once the color feed pipe is connected to the injection molding machine, they are ready to use. Contamination, potential accidents and health risks cannot occur with this closed system.

120 basic colors, individual color settings, dosing technology, color compounds and cleaning fluids. You get a complete service, individually suited to your needs. Novosystems has got everything you need for a successful coloring from a wide choice of color pigments and the in-house production of liquid colors right up to the integration of complex coloring techniques: Novocolor, Novotechnik, Novoclean, Novopearls, Novotone.