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Dependable Dosing. with Novotechnik.

- Stronger, more accurate multiphase motor (0.1 – 400 rev/min), injection molding, extrusion mode, provision for re-granulate use, monitoring of dosing volume, warning for remaining quantity, software upgrade via internet, USB
- Connections: USB, LAN, WLAN, Bluetooth
- Control/data transfer via handheld unit or PC
- Easily customizable access authorization
- Operation via browser interface
- 24 month guarantee
- Dimensions: 28 x 24 x 17 cm
- Weight: 10 kg
- Gravimetric version

Dosing technology for user-friendly operation

Dosing technology for viscous and granulate materials: clean and easy to use. Practically infinite functionality and a wide range of deployment possibilities – helping you work professionally without compromise. Modern dosing technology combining microprocessor controlled multiphase motors with high-precision dosing accuracy - opening up a whole new dimension of usability and controllability. In operation, this technology guarantees you constant material flow and thus enables exact dosing of even the smallest amounts, both in micro injection molding and for small lab extruders. At the same time, it can of course be used for the biggest machines and for extrusion processes with the highest output performance. Modern pumps are equipped with user-friendly calibration systems, making color changes possible within seconds during daily operations. The gravimetric version has an automatic calibration function and self-monitoring system.

The possibilities:
- Easiest calibration
- Log/statistics of all relevant processes
- Inventory control of amounts of color
- Up to 100 pumps managed from one location
- Quick release system for easiest handling
- Color changes within seconds
- Liquid color stays in a closed system
- Visual and acoustic signals
- Portable device for use at different locations
- Different feed systems possible
- One pump/control system for different
applications - Automatic calibration via optional
gravimetric control function

Novotechnik – your dosing solution for coloring plastics

The dosing solution is tailored to your exact requirements. To this end, we work closely with a carefully selected group of professional plastic product manufacturers and equipment manufacturers. As a result, our Novotechnik product range is always up-to-date.

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