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Creating Color Recipes.Trouble-free development of your own recipes?

The benefits.

In contrast with masterbatch granules, liquid colors can be exceptionally well homogenized due to their consistency. Only liquid colors make it possible to create your very own colors. As a result, a few basic colors can cover a wide spectrum of required color tones. The color development process is supported by bespoke recipe software, made available by Novosystems GmbH. This software already contains comprehensive calibration data for the basic colors and is thus ready-to-use. Using a colorimeter, the color is feed into the program and the software calculates the composition of the color recipe and the amount of each color required, while reliably preventing over-coloring. After only a little training, even inexperienced employees are able to create a new color tone with just one or two corrections.

Fast reactions to the color wishes of your customers: Novosystem makes it possible to create colors inhouse. Speed and flexibility are gained and production can start on the very same day. In addition, current color batch requirements for production can be adapted. Even changes at short notice are no longer a problem.

Cost savings together with quality improvements: small dosing amounts, acceleration of the color change process and low investment costs ensure significant cost savings with optimal color dispersion. It also reduces inventory of color batches by 50%: only 10 to 15 main colors need to be stored to mix all the required color tones for all typical types of plastic and only so much as actually needed for production. This avoids expensive remainders of color batch stock. Even left-over colors can be incorporated and thus recycled.