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More Coloring Flexibility.Save time and costs and create your own liquid colors and microgranulate even for small batches.

Mixing own colors with the Novotone coloring system boosts fl exibility and effi - ciency for manufacturers of plastic products. New colors can be quickly mixed or small batches made up as is often required in plastic product manufacture. A special color fan provides recipes using just 15 main colors. Manufacturers can create their own colors with the Novotone Main Colors system by mixing the individual components to produce highly accurate color tones from existing industry standard color guides. With just 15 colors, Novotone can cover industry standard color fan ranges.

Tailor-mix your own colors.

First, the plastics manufacturer selects the desired color from a color guide. For example, a color like Pantone 2583 (purple) can be accurately reproduced using the Novotone recipe and main colors. Freely-available color guide systems such as Pantone, RAL or HKS can be used to select and check colors. Once a color has been selected, it is mixed with a recipe using the Novotone 15 main color system. The amount of color to be made depends on the dosing and batch requirements of the manufacturing process. The amount of main colors used varies greatly depending on the specifi c color tone required.