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in Black and White.Savings potential: masterbatch vs. liquid colours.

What savings can you expect after having changed over from masterbatch to liquid colors? The most obvious cost/benefit advantages can be found in the consumption of color, in the color change procedure and in the increase in quality.

Let’s take a closer look:

It is realistic to reduce the need of the color about 20-30%. Saving around 50% can be expected during the process of color change. With many of our customers we reached a saving about 90%. This mean stominmize the costs for waste, the machine down time and the personnel costs.

We would like to verify those savings with you and we would like to provide you with our calculation tool to compare the beneifits of liquid colors.

In a nutshell:

With one of our customers, the change-over from master batch to liquid colors with three color changes per week we reached total savings of €49,508 during the first year.

What do you actually have to consider when changing over to liquid colors? What will this change-over mean for your company? What effects will it have on production? With your business in mind, why not do the calculations yourself and check whether you could get similar results. Don’t hesitate to benefit from all our tried-and-tested experience as liquid color manufacturers. We can tell just how great liquid colors are by simply looking at our many satisfied customers, who have completely changed over to this system within just a few months. We are sure that you, too, will be able to lower production costs by using coloring solutions from Novosystems.