Part ofRPI NOVOSYSTEMS Farben & Additive GmbH

Farbe bekennen. NOVOCOLOR-Flüssigfarben für die Welt der Kunststoffe.

NOVOCOLOR liquid colors and additives created exactly to your specifications.

Using these specifications, we can supply you your colors on demand and to best quality.

Meet your color requirements with Novocolor - liquid colors for the world of plastics

Since 1984, NOVOSYSTEMS GmbH has been known around the world for quality and outstanding product characteristics. We offer wide-ranging, intelligent and individual coloration of every kind of polymer for our customers. We feel responsible for the satisfaction of our customers and identify with their products, offering creative solutions based on our proven experience.

We carry out research and development utilizing a wide range of modern technologies and put the experience we gain to use in our products. Working together with our customers as partners results in shared success!